The Razer Game Store Is Closing After Only Being Open For 10 Months
Razer Game Store
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The Razer Game Store is closing its digital doors forever. The store will be operating until 1 am Pacific Time on 28 February 2019, after which it will cease to exist. The Razer Game Store has only been around for close to 10 months, but now it seems it won’t make it to lasting for a year. The company is apparently realigning its business plans, and the Razer Game Store isn’t part of those future plans.

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This digital storefront from Razer was first opened in 2018. The Store provided Steam and Uplay keys to players, discounts on games, products, and services, and gave its users certain other rewards. Now, all of that is coming to a quick end, with the company announcing that it will only be keeping the virtual doors to the store open until the end of February 2019.

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The Razer Game Store has promised to fulfil all current orders as well as pre-orders made through the digital storefront.

All purchased games will still work even after the closure. In case you haven’t activated your Steam or Uplay keys yet, make sure to retrieve them before February 28 from the Razer Game Store. Your game keys have been sent to your email upon purchase, so you’ll still be able to retrieve them in the future.

Although game keys will still work, discounts and rewards will not. So, you’re encouraged to use your discount vouchers before the 28 February 2019 closing date, as these will be null and void after the closing of the store.

The company is looking at investing in other ways to bring gaming content and promotions to gamers.

We will be investing in other ways to deliver great content and introduce game promotions through Razer Gold, our virtual credits system. Do visit us there and stay tuned for more news.

Are you sad to see the Razer Game Store close?






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