Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard & DeathAdder Mouse Elite Review


While the Razer Cynosa Keyboard came in a bundle that I reviewed a while back, the latest Ornata device did not. However the awesome guys a Razer sent me both an Ornata keyboard, and a DeathAdder Elite mouse to play around with. It is also better to get both a mouse and keyboard at once if you ask me, and the two worked very well together. 

The Ornata Keyboard retails for R1699 and boasts a new tech called Mecha-Membrane keys, which are not mechanical but they do feel fantastic. The Mech-Membrane keys are quick to press with a fast response time, and they sound great too. I typed with them, and I also played games and no matter what challenge I threw at it, the device was able to complete it.


While the keyboard lacks the premium features like macro keys and media buttons, it does feel like its overall package it pretty great and expensive at the same time. Using the Synapse program I was able to modify the Chroma Tech to make use of over 16.8 million colours. Now the Ornata is not just a pretty face, as the overall build is high-end too. 

Once the keys are lit up to your shade, the keyboard looks fantastic. The Mecha-Membrane keys are the device's best feature. They sound great when you press them with a small click, as well as a light press. While mechanical devices are all great, this somehow made it feel even better. Spacing in between them all is also perfect, so I never had to reach for a key while gaming or typing. 


The devices come packed with a padded wrist rest for use too. It has a magnet that lets it clip onto the bottom of the device and the magnet was pretty strong preventing it from sliding off when I bumped it. The rest is comfortable and fits perfectly with gaming and typing as it let me rest my hand in a good position. 

The only issue I had here was that the kickstand which lets the device stand up at an angle could have been a little higher. When the rest is clipped on and the device is at an angle, it still feels a bit low. I have large hands so this was an issue for me as it still felt that the device was too flat. Perhaps a 30-degree angle would be a bit more comfortable than the smaller 20-degree angle that the kickstand gives the device.


Overall the device has a great build and design. The LED keys look as great as they sound when you are playing on them, and the price point of the Ornata is not bad at all considering its design and features.

The DeathAdder Elite

Onto the DeathAdder Elite. This gaming mouse has kept the classic design but at the same time, it has seen an overall improvement in materials and a few extra added buttons. The device still keeps its classic RGB lighting intact and is still one of the most comfortable gaming mice on the market. It is a classic case of “if it ain't broke”. The device is still ergonomically shaped to fit almost every hand with both sides of it offering a great grasp with the added textured grips for the thumb and outer fingers.


The old design lacked the two new buttons on the side of the device, which is nothing new on gaming mice but the DeathAdder, in particular, lacked these in the past designs. The Elite now includes them and they come in handy, especially when you need to adjust the DPI or just assign a skill to them in Overwatch. 

Like the Ornata and many of the current Razer devices, the Elite also makes use of Synapse 2.0, which is a blessing for all your tweaks and adjustments. Somehow the DeathAdder Elite has all the features you need without feeling like it is bloated with gimmicks. Games like The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, Overwatch and Quake all worked perfectly and the DPI adjustments suited every game. The mouse is just comfortable and perfect for every scenario. 


Multiplayer games where I had to be fast with my hand and quick with my fingers provided the perfect challenge to test out the mouse and it worked flawlessly. The single player experience was the same thing too.

In the end, it was the sheer comfortableness of the mouse that did me in. Nothing on the DeathAdder Elite needs to be adjusted at all. Razer has perfected the gaming mouse in a simplistic form and I would not have it any other way. 

The DeathAdder Elite retails for R1,199, and the Ornata Chroma sells for R1,699. Both devices are not badly priced and as you can see above they offer yet another perfect gaming experience across the board. 

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