Rockstar Responds to Red Dead Online Economy Complaints – Promises to Re-Balance Game
Red Dead online economy
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Red Dead Online has some serious grind issues. We reported on the weekend that players are not happy with how long it takes to earn currency such as gold bars and gold nuggets. One gold bar takes around eight hours which puts a serious damper on the experience. Rockstar has responded in a very surprising post saying that they will be fixing the economy among other things.

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Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Beta so far, we appreciate your help in testing the game! Your feedback from these early days will be instrumental in helping formulate updates to every aspect of the experience. Our current areas of focus include the in-game economy, which will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun, as well as some persistent bugs that are causing some players to be kicked from sessions. The game has been developed so that we will be able to quickly make any adjustments like these, and we plan to get updates out as early as the end of this week with more updates to come next week. Feedback from the community has been invaluable, and we will continue to keep you regularly updated as things progress. We hope you continue to play and enjoy the game, and please keep sending your feedback to

One player on Reddit complained that he played for 4 hours to only earn 0.02 gold nuggets. You need 100 nuggets to get a gold bar and every match you could earn between 0.02 and 0.04. But the issue is not only with gold bars as the in-game dollar system is also a mess. Players complain that every dollar they earn goes towards buying ammo just so they can enter another match and earn dollars just to buy more ammo. A tin of baked beans costs more than this ammo making it a tough decision to either shoot or eat.

While Rockstar did not highlight exactly what they will be doing in the changes, the fact that they responded so quickly is great. We will keep you update as they reveal more info.






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