Red Dead Online Players Extremely Unhappy With Economy – Urges Rockstar to Make Changes
Red Dead Online Economy
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Red Dead Redemption 2 launched it Red Dead Online Beta last week and so far it has been going well. The online game has a cool Battle Royale mode and some great multiplayer aspects to it but there is one big issue it is faces right now and that is its economy. Players are complaining that the Red Dead Online economy is just too grindy and payout is too slow to make the experience enjoyable. 

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Gamers expressed their concern on Reddit saying that customizations like making things black for items like a simple starter pistol costs 12 gold bars. Users then worked out that it would take you roughly eight hours of playing just to earn a single gold bar which just changes the colour of your gun into a huge chore. Another heavy one is your tent which costs 112 gold bars. You can see what the issue is, right? Even insurance for your horse costs a lot of gold bars too which makes the grind a bit pointless.

How can, however, earn 100 gold nuggets which can then get your 1 gold bar as the nuggets are easier to find and the gold bars are the premium currency in the game. Still, these nuggets take a while to get and they will see you earn about one hundred every few hours. 

Some other issues include high-priced in-game items such as ammo that costs $4-$6. Users are not being paid out enough money to survive the game as all their winnings end up going towards ammo just to play another match or mode. Users are complaining that they are spending more than they make. 

Just the simple things like sleeping, keeping your guns clean and eating costs a load of cash and players are not happy with the fact that you need to pay for your camp when it is just a blanket on the ground with a bunch of barrels

But not all players feel this way. There are a few that are happy with the system and don’t have an issue with it at all. They are happy as long as the microtransactions are only cosmetic. Red Dead Online is still in its early days so we will have to see how it grows from there. 

Have you been playing the mode? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 






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