While Red Dead Online tries hard to be historically accurate in as many ways as possible, there are just some things gamers should leave out of the mode. The KKK is one of them. Recently, Rockstar had to put a stop to a racist cheat that allowed players to spawn the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Red Dead Online.

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While the KKK appeared in the single-player portion of the game as a white supremacist faction, they were not included in the multiplayer mode. However, players managed to pull them into the mode by the use of a cheating program used by hackers. The mod menu allowed players to pick any in-game model and load it into the multiplayer mode. Often these mods are fun such as spawning an alligator as a train but the KKK in Red Dead Online would only cause an uproar, especially with the chaos in the world at the moment.

Rockstar did take their time to fix this issue as in the past few weeks, gamers have reportedly been attacked by “NPCs” dressed as the KKK. Hackers thought it would be fun to spawn groups of NPCs dressed as the KKK into the game. The worst part of all, these NPCs were spawned on the player directly so it kind of felt like a direct attack on players.

This sort of hack would have been funny if cows or horses spawned on the player instead of the KKK. But with the ongoing tension worldwide surrounding racism and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this was just not a good idea. Rockstar confirmed this week the hack has since been fixed and while the mod menu is still usable in the game, hackers can no longer spawn the KKK in Red Dead Online as the game deletes the model as soon as it spawns.

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