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Red Dead Redemption Remastered Out With PS4 Pro Enhancements For R929

Red Dead Redemption is now available for the first time on PlayStation platforms since its original launch back on the PS3 in 2010. Rockstar has released this so-called “remastered” game with a few graphical upgrades. For example, the game now features 4K resolution at 30FPS thanks to its PS4 Pro enhancements.

You might be thinking “PS4 Pro? We’re in 2023 and the PS5 is the latest hardware”. Well, Rockstar didn’t give the PS5 any enhancements on this game. In fact, there isn’t a PS5 version. You can only get the PS4 game and play it through backwards compatibility.

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Don’t feel too bad because even though the game runs at 30FPS in 2023, there are some enhancements in Red Dead Redemption Remastered compared to the original game. For example, the game uses FSR2 to improve the image quality. This means that the general look and feel of Red Dead Redemption Remastered is a lot cleaner on PS4 and PS5.

Shadows have also been improved slightly in Red Dead Redemption Remastered. Although, fans seem to argue that the new “sharper” shadows are a little too sharp and look incredibly fake. They are way too dark and the sharp edges around these shadow maps aren’t realistic at all.

Outside of that, Red Dead Redemption Remastered is pretty much the same thing as the PS3 version. Even the UI is still at 720p (yes, not even full HD). The only upgrade to the UI is the button prompts which have been improved. Outside of that, the text, map and other HUD features are 720p.

If you want to pick up Red Dead Redemption Remastered, the game is currently R929 on the PS4 and also R929 on Nintendo Switch.

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