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Redfall is Really as Rough as They Say

Redfall has been out for about a day now and gamers haven’t been shy about sharing frustrations about the game online. There’s a definite negative vibe coming off social media from upset gamers who expected more from Microsoft after a rather lacklustre generation so far.

If you missed it, Redfall was released with some below-average review scores with many critics complaining about the general lack of polish, dull gameplay and dated visuals. This is coming from the same studio that brought you the fantastic Deathloop.

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To show you just how bad Redfall is, I have collected some clips and screenshots shared by gamers on Twitter. These clips reveal how mundane the gameplay is, how empty the world feels and how dated the visuals look.

The first clip shows a boss fight that glitches out. As a result, the boss simply stands around and takes damage without fighting back. People claim this is a common occurrence in the game.

Here’s another clip showing you how bad the NPCs are. This NPC not only looks like something from a horror story but is also glitching out on its walking path.

Another clip here shows how bad the AI is in Redfall. NPCs just walk into objects and don’t even fight back when the player is around them. Their job, to kill the player, doesn’t go as planned.

This last clip is an entire thread of bad gameplay. Most of the clips show enemy fights that don’t go anywhere. One of the clips shows a vampire struggling to get around a piece of wood. It just isn’t good.

Lastly, here’s an image of some visuals. This is generally how the game looks in Redfall. Keep in mind that Redfall launched with these visuals on Xbox Series X without a 60FPS mode.

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