Redfall Arkane Studios Story Open-World Features Abilities QuakeCon 2022

Redfall Story, Open-World Features, Abilities and More Detailed

QuakeCon 2022 has kicked off and Bethesda brought a handful of its studios to the event for deep dives. Among the talented studios at the event, Arkane Studios delivered plenty of new details about its upcoming vampire-slaying open-world shooter, Redfall. We now have an idea of what to expect from the game’s story, open-world features and surprises, as well as specific player abilities.

Redfall is currently being developed by Arkane Studios, the developer behind acclaimed titles like Deathloop, Dishonored and Prey. Players assume the role of a vampire slayer who must purge a town overrun by vampiric occultists using a variety of gadgets, tools and abilities. It was previously slated to release in 2022, but Bethesda pushed its release date back to 2023 alongside its own new IP, Starfield.

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According to Arkane Studios at QuakeCon, Redfall will tell a story that’s described as a more bombastic take on Salem’s Lot. A tech company, Aevum Laboratories, buys property in the quaint little town of Redfall where it begins conducting research into life extension. Unfortunately, things go badly and they end up turning themselves into vampires, eventually taking over the town. To liberate Redfall, players will need to defeat various vampiric bosses, cultists, supernatural creatures and vampire gods.

Studio director Harvey Smith explained that Redfall is an extension of Arkane’s signature style but just taken to an open-world with co-op in mind. While out in the open-world of Redfall, players will encounter patrol routes that change with the day-and-night cycle, weather systems including fog and rain and randomised spawn points. This was done to ensure that Redfall has a lived-in feeling, making the world feel believable.

Art director Karen Segars stated that the game will feature a spooky atmosphere and tone rather than a horrific one. “There’s no jump scares…” she said, “but there is still that edge, there could be anything right around the corner.”

Players will be able to choose from four heroes, though only two were showcased: Jacob Boyer and Devinder Crousely. Jacob has the ability to turn invisible and specialises in long-range weapons like sniper rifles. Devinder, on the other hand, uses a variety of gadgets and AoE abilities to combat vampires, largely playing as a more mid to close-range character. You’ll be able to petrify vampires with UV lights and defeat them using weapons like high-tech security rifles and homemade stake-launchers.

Redfall releases in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the QuakeCon video below for all the details.

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