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Redfall Story Trailer Has Mad Scientists and Lots of Vampires

Arkane has released the official story trailer for Redfall and it gives us a good look at the game’s backstory as well as some hints as to how all this so-called “vampire takeover” happened. There seems to be some sort of scientific backstory to the events in Redfall after a dangerous experiment resulted in the death of Ava. However, Ava’s blood was seemingly used to heal people in the city while also granting them immortality.

This blood also turned them into vampires which resulted in them taking over the town of Redfall and society falling to ruin. By the look of things, these vampires have taken over four areas in Redfall and are ruled by leaders in each of them.

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The leader vampires include The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper and the Black Sun. The Black Sun seems to be the strongest of them all.

Check out the trailer below. If anything, it is nice to have a backstory to the events in Redfall and understand what exactly is going on in the game. Redfall is set to launch on 2 May 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. The game will also launch on Game Pass. It will support DLSS 3 and raytracing.

What is happening in Redfall? Where did the vampires come from? Uncover the mysteries of Redfall as you explore the island. Delve into the dark history of the sinister company that created the monsters stalking the streets and face off against the terrifyingly powerful vampires that some survivors worship as gods. There’s a lot more to the charming island of Redfall than meets the eye.The scientists at Aevum HQ have been working on something world-shattering. People are going missing; there are dead bodies and blood everywhere; the sun has been eclipsed; and vampires rule the town. Were the vampires just an experiment gone horribly wrong or something far more disturbing? Who are the vampire gods? The only thing to know for sure is that everything is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

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