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Redfall Will Require an Online Connection Even in Single-Player

Publisher Bethesda has confirmed that its upcoming open-world vampire action game, Redfall, will require a constant online connection even when playing in single-player. The game, developed by Arkane Studios, will allow players to tackle the main campaign either solo or in co-op of up to four players. However, players will need to be permanently connected to the internet regardless of if they’re playing alone or not.

Redfall‘s newly published FAQ states that players will be able to play solo without the need for an Xbox Gold subscription, but will still be required to connect to the internet in order to do so. A account will also be required to play the game, which has now become the norm for most Bethesda-published titles.

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Fans haven’t taken the news too well. AAA games requiring constant online connections for single-player content is almost unheard of today. Monster Hunter Rise and World, as well as other titles like Marvel’s Avengers and Gotham Knights, all feature co-op but can be played offline when tackling the games solo. That said, 2021’s Back 4 Blood also required a constant online connection even while playing solo with AI team mates, but an update later removed this restriction.

It doesn’t make sense for Redfall‘s single-player option to require an online connection. Most players already familiar with Arkane’s games know that the studio primarily develops single-player games, so naturally a large group of Redfall players will be playing solo. The framework of the game does encourage co-op, but it’s also being touted as a traditional Arkane experience which makes this decision even more confusing.

Bethesda hasn’t clarified exactly why an online connection will be required for solo play, though we’ll probably get an update soon that better explains the need for one.

Redfall releases on 2 May 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Bethesda

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