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Redfall Won’t Have Microtransactions or In-Game Store

Redfall, the upcoming vampire-slaying action game from Deathloop developer Arkane Studios, is a few weeks away from launch. The game gives players the option to play through the campaign with friends in co-op but this raised some concerns about whether or not it would include microtransactions or an in-game store. Thankfully, Arkane has cleared the air by confirming that Redfall will not have any sort of microtransactions or store. However, the studio plans to support the game post-launch more than any of its previous titles.

Speaking to Wccftech in a recent interview, Redfall creative director Harvey Smith stated that Arkane had no intentions of adding microtransactions or a store to the game. He stressed that players can find costumes in the game while exploring and won’t need to shovel out additional money for any cosmetics. He also went into detail about how Arkane plans to update Redfall after launch while taking player feedback into account.

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When pressed about microtransactions in Redfall, Smith responded:

“We try to be very clear that there are no microtransactions and there is no store in the game. We’re very proud of that. If you find a costume in the game, then you can have it, as simple as that.”

Arkane Studios historically avoided microtransactions in its single-player games and it’s good to know that despite Redfall‘s multiplayer offerings, there won’t be any intrusive microtransactions or in-game purchases. Additionally, Smith also talked about listening to players after launch and updating the game to make sure it meets standards:

“Other than that, Redfall will be our most supported game post-launch. We went with a server model, so we can update the game constantly. If we see a lot of people falling from ladders and dying, we can update the ladder code. If we see that nobody is playing this character, we can tweak this character and make them more appealing.”

Finally, Smith confirmed that Redfall will receive post-launch updates in the form of new characters, monsters, costumes and more, though some of it may arrive in the form of DLC. These updates will roll out over the next year following the game’s release.

Redfall launches on 2 May 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Wccftech

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