Redneck Party Lets You Drive Monster Trucks, Pick Up Girls and Party Like a Redneck
Redneck Party
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From the outside, Redneck Party may seem like a shallow American trucker game with a lot of booze, chewing tobacco and country music but it is a lot more than just that. The recently-announced game by Titan Gamez seems to want to deliver an authentic monster truck experience while at the same time pay homage to the American redneck lifestyle. The reveal trailer gives us a glimpse of the game’s authentic monster truck-managing mechanics including welding, painting, stickers and more.

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Sure, the trailer opens with two large-breasted ladies who magically change tops within the first ten seconds, but give it time and the game actually looks pretty decent. Underneath the surface, Redneck Party sounds like a slightly-offensive average day for a redneck. Not that I know what that is like. However, the promised mechanics will give players something to do including “pick up girls” and even “grab a beer and enjoy”. Enjoy what? I have no idea.

The official Steam page for the game reads:

Y’all ready for a ride like none other? I’m talkin’ beer, fine country ladies, and the craziest decked out trucks you ever done seen. I’m talkin’ Redneck Party, boy! Show off your skills as you fix and upgrade some serious horsepower. Customise your wheels by painting body colors, selecting stickers and much more. All brakes are out. Enjoy the party!

– Pick up girls
– Custiomise your machine
– Grab a beer and enjoy
– Compete with other dudes
– Change parts
– Manage your budget
– Use Cuckie cutter to cut parts
– Make sure your’s is Bigger

Keep in mind that the trailer below is clearly not gameplay. More a simulated version of what you can expect. The game is also in very early development with a Q4 2021 release date.






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