Remedy and 505 “Won’t Be Able To” Offer Free Next-Gen Control Upgrade

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Remedy and 505 “Won’t Be Able To” Offer Free Next-Gen Control Upgrade

Control publisher 505 Games today confirmed that users will not be able to upgrade to the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the game for free unless they repurchase the Ultimate Edition. This means that anyone that currently owns the game and the season pass on PS4 and Xbox One, won’t receive the upgrade to the next-gen version of the game. However, users can still play it through backwards compatibility. This version won’t receive any visual changes.

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Remedy and 505 Games announced the controversial news last week. Today, they cleared the air… Well, they tried to. 505 Games’ excuse is that the upgrade path for the Control Ultimate Edition is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game.

 “As we are only doing additional development on Control Ultimate Edition on the next-gen platforms, we are unfortunately unable to offer an upgrade path to all existing Control players. We understand how this might upset a number of players but you will still be able to play the 2019 edition of Control and each Expansion on the new platforms.”

505 Games further confirmed that users can still enjoy Control through backwards compatibility on current hardware. However, these owners won’t get any upgrades.

No matter how 505 Games tries to explain this decision, they still look like the bad guys. Both Sony and Microsoft have gone out of their way to make sure the cross-generational leap is seamless and cheap while 505 Games does not want to participate in this movement. Multiple developers have announced free upgrades to games. Dare I say even EA Games and 2K Games – the most money-hungry publishers in the industry. 505 Games wants to sail its own ship right into an island called “Bad Reputation”.

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