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Remnant 2 Players Paid a Premium For no PS5 Friend System and Major Performance Issues

If you don’t know yet, Remnant 2 launched on Saturday for select gamers. The only way to play Remnant 2 early was to fork out quite a hefty chunk of cash for the Ultimate Edition which sat at R1249 compared to the Standard Edition at R899. Sadly, players who were excited to jump into their more-expensive game version this weekend were disappointed to find some major issues plaguing the game.

Over on Twitter, the Remnant 2 account has been bombarded with angry fans upset over missing features in the Ultimate Edition. The biggest issue seems to be the missing multiplayer support on PS5. At the moment, you cannot play co-op on PS5 in Remnant 2 with friends.

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I picked the game up myself last week in hopes to spend the weekend playing co-op and that’s not possible. While other platforms including the Xbox Series X/S and PC seem to work fine, the PS5 version of Remnant 2 is broken.

This is mainly because the game doesn’t have its own in-game friend system. Instead of being able to invite friends to your world through a menu in the game, Remnant 2 relies on using the console/Steam friend system.

So on Xbox, you can easily invite a friend through a party or friends list on the console. On PC it is the same case. However, on PS5, the game is bugged out and when you’re in a party or playing the game, friends cannot join you as they usually would by using a button in a party or on the home screen.

Of course, fans have voiced their disappointment over the issue. Many of them claim that spending extra on the game was a waste of money. Players are also upset that the Remnant 2 Twitter account is downplaying the issues on the platform by saying “Some players are unable to join friends”. Meanwhile, it is everyone.

But the lack of PS5 co-op in Remnant 2 is only one problem. Gamers have also complained about the lack of pre-order incentives. No one has received the Remnant 2 Survival Pack either.

Players have also complained about the poor performance in Remnant 2 at launch. Many of them say that the in-game menus are incredibly slow and the game suffers from some nasty frame rate issues during some fights.

I personally encountered a frame rate issue during a boss fights where the game would freeze for a second before it attacked. It happened each and every time.

The Twitter account says issues will be resolved. The first hotfix, which will fix some PC issues will land sometime today. As for the PS5 friends list issue and missing content? There’s no ETA yet.

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