Remnant 2 Release Window Summer 2023 New Trailer
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Remnant 2 Release Window Revealed in New Trailer

Remnant 2, the sequel to 2019’s Soulslike Remnant: From the Ashes, has received an official release window of summer 2023. Gearbox recently announced the news via a brand new trailer showing off more of the game’s world, gameplay and enemies.

The new trailer for Remnant 2 offers more gameplay showing the player battling various monsters and how your dog is able to assist you in combat. Some new cinematics were also shown. While we don’t have a concrete release date yet, summer 2023 is right around the corner which pins its release sometime between June and August.

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Developer Gunfire Games released a full breakdown of Remnant 2‘s features and overall description:

“Remnant 2 is the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes that pits survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds. Play solo or co-op with two other friends to explore the depths of the unknown to stop an evil from destroying reality itself. To succeed, players will need to rely on their own skills and those of their team to overcome the toughest challenges and to stave off humanity’s extinction.”

Intense Remnant Combat Experience

  • A mix of methodical and frenetic ranged/melee combat returns with cunning enemies and large scale boss battles. Choose specific gear and weapons to optimize for the different biomes and battles ahead. Bosses will bring high-level players to team up to overcome the challenge and try to obtain the biggest rewards.

New Worlds to Explore

  • Players can travel alone or with friends as a team through strange new worlds and beyond, overrun by mythical creatures and deadly foes while trying to stay alive. There are multiple worlds to explore with different types of creatures, weapons, and items. Utilize and upgrade discovered items to take on tougher challenges.

Endless Replayability

  • Branching quest lines, augments, crafting, and loot rewards will test the resolve of even the most hardened players in dynamically generated dungeons and areas. Playthroughs will feel challenging, varied, and rewarding as players succeed against unrelenting odds. Various stories are woven throughout the different worlds, encouraging exploration and multiple revisits.

New Archetypical Progression

  • Expanded Archetype system provides players with unique passive bonuses and stunning powers. Multiple Archetypes can be unlocked during play, leveled up, and equipped together for a variety of play styles.

Remnant 2 launches this summer 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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