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Reports Now Claim Abandoned is a Metal Gear Solid Game

From Silent Hill to Metal Gear Solid. The circus is never going to end with the upcoming Blue Box Games Studios “Abandoned” game. Now, a Russian gaming journalist, that is a somewhat reputable industry insider, claims that the project, which has been in the headlines for some weeks now, is actually a new Metal Gear Solid game.

According to Anton Logvinov, who is known for his reliable leaks on Death Stranding, Abandoned is not only a new entry in the Metal Gear Solid series but the game is actually an entirely new Metal Gear Solid 6 project. In addition, the game is currently in development at Konami and the whole “Blue Box Games Studios” is just a facade to market the project.

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Logvinov revealed in a series of tweets that the whole confusing marketing approach for Abandoned, and the way the studio has handled the reveal, was simply a decision by Konami to imitate Kojima’s approach to Metal Gear Solid V. He says:

Abandoned looks like MGS6. Well, that is, Konami is working on it, I have known this for a long time, and apparently someone decided to imitate Kojima’s marketing. So grandpa will be canceled. But a reunion is better, of course.”

Yesterday, we reported on the news that Blue Box Games Studios shared a teaser image for Abandoned with a familiar eyepatch character. Someone who looked oddly similar to Solid Snake or the other multiple characters in the Metal Gear Solid series that also wear eyepatches. So this whole idea that Konami could be behind the project isn’t too far off.

Blue Box Games Studios is also expected to host an interview with the founder, Hasan Kahraman in the next day or so. According to the interview details, it will take place on an Arabic Podcast called AL-HUB and Konami is supposedly the sponsor for the event. However, the podcast first claimed that Bloober Team was the sponsor, then removed the studio and added Konami. They then added Bloober Team back to the sponsor list.

Again, take this all with a pinch of salt. It is just another rumour to add to the pile of this Blue Box Games Studios fiasco. Before you know it, industry insiders will claim that Abandoned is actually Castlevania.


Blue Box Games Studios Shares Abandoned Teaser With Eyepatch Model

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