Resident Alien Comic Book Show

Resident Alien – The Comic Book Adult Sci-Fi Murder-Mystery Comedy You Didn’t Know About

If there are two things that automatically make me fall in love with a tv show, it’s a good murder mystery and Alan Tudyk. Resident Alien has both those things and more (more, in this case, being none other than Terminator’s Linda Hamilton herself).

If the name Resident Alien doesn’t already mean something to you, it should. Based on the long-running comic of the same name, Resident Alien is one of the most unique spins on an extraterrestrial tale that we’ve had in years.

Resident Alien is a sci-fi/murder-mystery/comedy that follows an alien named Harry (Alan Tudyk) who has crash-landed on Earth with a super-secret mission: kill all the humans.

Harry soon finds himself roped into helping solve a local murder and standing in as the town’s doctor.  As he starts to assimilate into our world, he starts forming relationships and friendships that cause him to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his super-secret mission.

Resident Alien Comic Book Show

There’s also a 9-year-old boy who is the only person able to see Harry as the alien he truly is and threatens to destroy everything for our loveable fish out of water.

Created originally by Peter Hogan ( Revolver; 2000 AD) and Steve Parkhouse (2000 AD; Doctor Who Magazine) in 2012, the series has been published by Dark Horse Comics as 6 collections of 6 miniseries, with the final issue, concluding the story, launching March 10th, 2021.

Resident Alien is a comic that challenges what it truly means to be human, and while the TV show isn’t a direct “page to screen adaption”, it definitely captures the essence of what makes the comic book series truly special and uses that to create something new and unique that’s sure to entertain new and old fans alike.

Resident Alien is currently airing on SYFY; there will be 9 episodes in total, with the final episode airing on March 24th, so really, there is no better time to start binging but of course, you will need a VPN to stream it.

Want to pick up the Resident Alien comics for yourself? The entire series is currently available in the following formats: Digital; Single Issues (24 issues); Trade Paperbacks (6 books) or a single Omnibus.

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