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Resident Evil 2 Free Content “The Ghost Survivors” Out Now

Resident Evil 2 blew us away last month. The game is not only one of, if not the best survival horror titles out there, but also set a new standard for remakes. It is absolutely brilliant and if you do everything, you can get about 20 hours out of this amazing horror experience by Capcom. As promised, the developer released some Resident Evil 2 free content, called “The Ghost Survivors” and if you own the game, you can play these three new scenarios right now on PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

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The Resident Evil 2 free content isn’t just some DLC skins, but instead, three “what if” scenarios. In each scenario, you play with a character you’ve met in the main game. These are alternative stories where you play as Robert Kendo, Katherine Warren and Ghost. I’ve played a bit of the first scenario this morning and I have to say, it is tough as nails, frightening and simply brilliantly executed. For those struggling with the difficulty, there is also a new training mode that helps the player a bit more in the latest update.

The Ghost Survivors also introduce some new mechanics, such as vending machines. Here, you will need to choose carefully, because if you take an item from a vending machine, you can’t get the other two items for it in your run. Further, you don’t find items in the environment, but instead, items drop from Zombies you kill. Check out a description of each of the three scenarios below.

No Time to Mourn – No Time to Mourn features Robert Kendo, owner of the famous (and aptly named) Gun Shop Kendo. Those who have played the game may already know how his sad tale ends, but in The Ghost Survivors, he’s given a second chance when an old friend with a helicopter radios in to pick him up. Packing up what weapons he can, Kendo sets out into the streets to seek a way out from the infected city. On his way, a new type of poisonous zombie stands between him and freedom.

Runaway – Way before the events of Resident Evil 2 took place, the fate of the mayor’s daughter, Katherine, was already sealed. In Runaway, her story takes her down a very different path. Seeking to escape Raccoon City with a certain someone, Katherine Warren must navigate the streets while avoiding a strangely mutated type of zombie that can only be stopped with particularly powerful ammunition. Play carefully, and you might survive.

Forgotten Soldier – Out of the shadows comes a forgotten U.S.S. agent. Thought to have been wiped out with his squad, the appropriately named Ghost makes his debut in Forgotten Soldier. Deep within the laboratory underneath the city, another soldier (besides Hunk) attempts his escape. Having to deal with hordes of monsters is bad enough, but what do you do when they’re covered in armor? This especially challenging scenario will put even The 4th Survivor veterans to the test.

Check out The Ghost Survivors launch trailer blow and then tell us what you think about this Resident Evil 2 free content drop in the comment section.

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