Resident Evil 2 Free DLC Release Date Confirmed & Screenshots Showed Off
Resident Evil 2 free DLC
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Capcom unleashed a Game of the Year contender, Resident Evil 2, late last week. That’s simply how good Resident Evil 2 is, setting a new bar for remakes in the industry. One thing that makes a game even better is when the developer throws some free stuff at the player and Capcom is doing just that. The upcoming Resident Evil 2 free DLC release date has been confirmed and we won’t have to wait long at all.

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So what is this Resident Evil 2 free DLC I speak of? Well, players will step into the boots of those characters you meet along the way but never made it out of Racoon City. The DLC is called Ghost Survivors and it sounds a lot like a rogue-like experience, with randomized elements. Players will also be able to earn points to spend in an in-game shop (not with real money) and it should be quite challenging.

Check out the release date announcement for the Resident Evil 2 free DLC below.

Capcom also shared a few images, one of which you viewed at the start of this article and then three more which you can view below.


ghost 1

What this basically means is that even more content is heading the way of Resident Evil 2 owners and the mode does sound very intriguing. Even if the Ghost Survivors turn out to be a short experience like Tofu, it is still more Resident Evil 2 for gamers to sink their teeth into.

Are you excited for the Resident Evil 2 free DLC and which is your favourite side-character in the game? Let us know in the comment section below.






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