Resident Evil 3 Remake is 90 Percent Done – Won’t Be Delayed

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Resident Evil 3 Remake is 90 Percent Done – Won’t Be Delayed

Capcom claims that its upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake is around 90 percent completed and it will not suffer a delay. This is mainly due to rumours swirling that the game’s close release to last year’s Resident Evil 2 could have caused the project to be delayed. However, that is not the case as according to Capcom in an interview with Famitsu, the game development is going well.

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Producer Peter Fabiano and Masao Kawada who both worked last year’s Remake said in the interview that the upcoming project is about 90% complete. They confirmed the game will not be delayed and assured fans things are still on track.

The Resident Evil 3 remake was announced in December last year after multiple leaks. The announcement during Sony’s PlayStation State of Play showcased some gameplay as well as a 3 April 2020 release date for PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

According to Peter and Kawada, the game is going to be even more of a remix of the original compared to Resident Evil 2. One main goal during development was to make the cast even more compelling than in the original game. If the upcoming Resident Evil is half as good as last year’s release, we will be happy as it was one of the best games of 2019.

If you revisit the game now, Capcom have patched in Nemesis’ voice as well as Easter Eggs to the sequel including a letter from Jill Valentine

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