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Resident Evil 4 Drops New Gameplay Footage

We excitingly got our first look, albeit brief, at gameplay footage for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, which was shown off at Capcom’s Summer Games Fest showcase. The footage seemingly shows Leon creeping around an early section of the game, in a much darker setting thanks to the remake.

Resident Evil 4 remake director Yasuhiro Anpo stated that “The experience of being attacked by hordes of crazed ganado is truly an iconic moment from Resident Evil”. Anpo went on to talk about how enemies have been redesigned in the game “In order to truly bring out the concept of ‘terror of people controlled by madness'”.

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As we said before, the remake relishes in enhanced environment settings, with the footage we see is quite eerie and dark – a true reflection of the tone of the Resident Evil games. The original over-the-shoulder camera is back allowing us to soak in the updated Leon character model. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi stated that they wanted “to nail the feeling of loneliness and fear of not knowing what lies ahead”.

“Leon arrives at a dense and dangerous forest. We want to nail the feeling of loneliness and fear of not knowing what lies ahead, even more so than the original. Of course, there will also be thrilling battles!”

Throughout the showcase, we could see glimpses of updated scenes, including Leon scowling out of a car window, his meeting with the President and Claire running through a beautifully haunting forest area. By the looks of things, the remake does more than just enhance the look of the game but changes it completely. Sure, the everything-is-brown aesthetic of the PS2 was great back then but this feels like a whole new game.

To skip ahead to the Resident Evil 4 portion, skip to 58:05.

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