Resident Evil 8 Details Leak – Will Be First-Person and Have Ghosts

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Resident Evil 8 Details Leak – Will Be First-Person and Have Ghosts

While Capcom is deep in development on the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake, they could also be working on the sequel to the popular series too. Resident Evil 8 will be the sequel to the 2017 hit game that changed the series for the best by not only introducing the first-person perspective to the game but also a new chilling setting, characters and enemies. A new report suggests that Capcom will return the first-person format for the next entry in the series.

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According to a YouTube channel Residence of Evil, Resident Evil 8 will keep the camera perspective. The game will also mark the return of protagonist Ethan Winters as well as Chris Redfield who saw a comeback late into the game’s release and even had his own DLC story chapter added into the game.

The sequel is said to introduce new enemies into the mix including non-zombie ones such as werewolves and even female ghosts that chase you through a castle and village environment. It won’t be the first time the series has branched off to new enemy types. Many of the games feature non-zombie creatures such as giant spiders, squids, crocodiles and more but the idea of ghosts added to the experience sounds quite chilling indeed.

Keep in mind that these are all just rumours at the moment. If Capcom is working on Resident Evil 8, we won’t see it for a while and it will no doubt be for next-gen hardware which makes it even more exciting. For now, catch up on the Resident Evil 3 news here.

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