It seems the upcoming Resident Evil 8 was originally planned for both current and next-gen hardware. However, that is no longer the case. During the PS5 reveal last week., Capcom showcased the much-rumoured horror title dubbed “Resident Evil Village VIII“. While at first, the game was in development for PS4 and Xbox One as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X, it will only release on next-gen hardware. This is according to a new report from AestheticGamer who originally leaked the game’s details a few months back.

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AestheticGamer claims that Resident Evil 8 received a massive graphics overhaul to support the new hardware. However, the older consoles then had issues with pop-in/long texture loads. While these issues could have been ironed out, Capcom decided to make the game so it had no loading at all. In addition, the developers pushed the engine to new graphical limits. They also did not want to be held back by last-gen tech.

Resident Evil 8 takes place in a new village location which makes sense for the move to next-gen. The game’s setting may allow players to explore the large area with no loading at all. The game’s pacing sounds very similar to the Baker’s House in the past game. Players were able to move about freely and move onto certain areas when reaching a specific plot point. However, the game did include quite a lot of loading times, especially when moving in and out of rooms.

Resident Evil 8, or Village VIII wants to fix this immersion and the move to next-gen consoles only will allow it.

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