Adding to the previous Resident Evil 8 leaks that happened earlier this week, loads of gameplay videos have now surfaced online. It goes without saying that the videos should be watched with caution if you don’t want to spoil the upcoming game for yourself. However, users can now watch at least ten minutes of Resident Evil 8 gameplay thanks to yet another ransomware leak.


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The leaked videos are far from polished. Many of them still require a load of assets and some of them are even missing the voice over. They are clearly still in development too as many of them have visual glitches, lack decent lighting and include game code which pops up every now and then. Don’t expect to watch see near-completed video footage here.

Keep in mind that the leaked Resident Evil 8 gameplay videos do contain spoilers. Even the titles of these videos may ruin some parts of the game for you especially when it comes to the story. Click here at your own risk.

The recent Resident Evil 8 leaked gameplay follows this week’s previous leaked screenshots and game plot. A hacker group released a load of in-game screenshots showing off new characters, a baby and a vampire-like monster. In addition, the entire game plot is now available online which will no doubt hurt Capcom when it comes to spoilers. You can read more about that leak here.

Resident Evil 8 is due to release in early 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Capcom announced that the developer was looking at ways to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One but claim it may not be technically possible.


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