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Resident Evil 9 Gameplay Details and Setting Leak Online

Resident Evil Village is set to get a new “Gold Edition” in October that arrives with new Mercenaries content, a third-person camera mode, story DLC and more. However, according to a new report, Capcom is already working on a new game in the series that will mark the ninth main entry in the story. Last year, the studio confirmed, that while it didn’t announce Resident Evil 9, the next game would round off the story of Ethan and the current batch of characters.

A new leak supposedly details some of the elements of Resident Evil 9. Keep in mind that this is a very early leak so take it with a pinch of salt. I would usually not share this sort of news on the site but if you remember back when Resident Evil Village was just a rumour, a huge leak also happened before the game’s announcement and it all turned out to be true.

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According to a source, Resident Evil 9 is currently in development under the name “Resident Evil Apocalypse”. The game is set in a ghost town which features a sort of “abandoned” western aesthetic. Enemies in Resident Evil 9 are designed after mythological creatures like goat-man, wendigos and other folklore monsters.

These enemies reportedly can transform into NPCs and perfectly mimic the actions and even dialogue of friendly characters. A gameplay element in Resident Evil 9 sees players having to carefully look at these enemies to judge whether or not they are friendly or deadly.

The setting in Resident Evil 9 features a large forest area where players can fully explore the region. However, due to the size of the forest, it is easy to get lost. Capcom has reportedly worked on a handful of horror aspects in this forest to make it feel eerie and unsettling. There will be sounds that play around the player when exploring the region. Footsteps behind them, growls and other freakish sounds.

Combat will see the return of the “survival” aspects from Resident Evil Village. The player can barricade themselves in rooms, break down doors and use the environment to fight off these mythological creatures. However, Resident Evil 9 will reportedly also lean heavily on breakable melee weapons which can be picked up around the game during gameplay.

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An early boss in the game is called Barghest and is a giant black dog. The report claims it is “less intelligent than other enemies”. Not sure what that means yet. Players will also meet a new antagonist in Resident Evil 9 called Glaistig. She reportedly features a beautiful young women’s design and wears a green dress and a lot of gold jewellery.

Another character is named Hulder. She acts as a sort of guide for the player and comes in handy while exploring the forest region. She will also provide insight into the town’s history and help out with puzzles, items and treasures. Hulder is reportedly feared by these creatures in the game and won’t come near the player when she is around. The same goes for the game’s antagonist, Glaistig. Capcom will apparently work this feature into the game and use it as a save room/safe zone mechanic.

Lastly, the main premise of Resident Evil 9 revolves around the “9th Moon Phase” and a looming “Apocalypse” brought on by the end of these phases. The moon will tie together the story, and what the characters are doing in the town and appear in the game’s logo too. It also sounds fitting given that the RE Engine’s logo includes the moon.

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If this is true, it is a very early leak. We don’t know who will be the main character of Resident Evil 9 at this point. However, Capcom might be leading up to this with the new Gold Edition content in Resident Evil Village. The new DLC sees players control Ethan Winter’s daughter, Rosemary for the first time. She is most likely the lead in the sequel.

As mentioned before, this is a leak so take it with a pinch of salt for now. Capcom will most likely announce a sequel in the future. Maybe even hint about it in the new Gold Edition game.

Source: 4Chan

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