Resident Evil Village Breaks Street Date in Australia – Watch Out For Spoilers

"Avoid spoilers where possible"

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Resident Evil Village Breaks Street Date in Australia – Watch Out For Spoilers

Resident Evil Village has broken its street date in Australia ahead of its 7 May 2021 release date. This is not an unusual thing to happen in the gaming world but it is never good news for those avoiding spoilers online. According to Twitter user Kaiser499, they managed to find a copy of the game at their local retailer and posted an image of the PS5 box online.

This is possibly the first of many leaks you can expect to see as we lead up to the release of Resident Evil Village next month. However, this also means that the internet may not be a safe place to visit until you get your hands on the game yourself. Now that the game is out in the wild, nothing is stopping users from recording gameplay and spoiling it for others.


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Thankfully, the box of Resident Evil Village itself is safe to look at. The text does not reveal anything close to a spoiler and simply reads:

When a shocking incident tears his famil apart, Ethan Winters is willing to do anything to get his daughter back. But at what cost?

There are also other smaller details including the “8th instalment in generation-defining series”, “face unique and terrifying enemies in mysterious new locations” and an image of Lady Dimitrescu with the words “stunning action survival horror gameplay”.

Resident Evil Village Leaked

Capcom has done a great job so far making Resident Evil Village details available to the public. The developer has hosted two content-rich streams while also releasing two demos with another going live this weekend. However, that won’t prevent actual plot details from leaking through these retail copies so exercise caution online for a few weeks.

Resident Evil Village launches on 7 May 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

Source: Twitter

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