Resident Evil Village Gets New Trailer and Second Limited Demo Available To Pre-Load Now
"You only have 8 hours to play the demo"
Resident Evil Village Second Demo
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In the wee hours of this morning, Capcom hosted the second Resident Evil Showcase event where the studio touched on more gameplay details, announced console performance and a new second Resident Evil Village demo coming to all platforms.

Fans got a fresh new look at Resident Evil Village in the game’s 4th trailer during the showcase. The trailer is filled with all sorts of awesome things to look out for including monsters, Lady Dimitrescu and all the wonderful environments players can look forward to exploring.


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Capcom confirmed that a second demo for Resident Evil Village, the first being Maiden which released back in January, is on its way. This second Resident Evil Village demo will be multiplatform so all users can jump into the game and experience a quick 30-minute tour around the world. The demo will be available on Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

There is a catch to this demo. It is a time-limited version so players only have a specific amount of time to venture through it. In addition, the demo is split into two parts. One focusing on the village and one on the castle. Both of these are only available for a certain amount of time.

PlayStation owners will get early access to the demo but it will be available for all platforms at the following times. The second Resident Evil Village demo will be playable between these hours for all platforms.

Multiplatform Resident Evil Village demo

  • North America – 1 May 5 pm PDT to 2 May 5 pm PDT
  • Europe –  2 May 2 am. CEST to May 3 May 2 am CEST
  • Asia – 2 May, 8 am HKT to 3 May 8 am HKT
  • South Africa – 2 May 2 am – 3 May 2 am SAT

PlayStation Village Demo

  • North America – 17 April 5 pm to 18 April 1 am PDT
  • Europe –  18 April 7 pm to 19 April 3 am CEST
  • Asia – 18 April 5 pm to 19 April 1 am CEST
  • South Africa – 18 April 7 pm to 19 April 3 am SAT

PlayStation Castle Demo

  • North America – 24 April 5 pm to 25 April 1 am PDT
  • Europe –  25 April 7 pm to 26 April 3 am CEST
  • Asia – 25 April 5 pm to 26 April 1 am HKT
  • South Africa – 25 April 7 pm to 26 April 3 am


I know it sounds hella confusing but if you play on PlayStation just follow those two times above to experience both portions of the second Resident Evil Village demo. If you play on other platforms, the top time is when you can play through both portions at once. PlayStation owners on PS5 and PS4 can already pre-load the demo so it is ready for tomorrow when the “Village” portion goes live starting at 7 pm. Head over to the PlayStation Store here and add it to your account.

Resident Evil Village is set to release on 7 May 2021. Check out the 4th trailer down below.






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