Resident Evil Village’s ‘Tall Vampire Lady’ Proves That Johnny Silverhand is so 2020
Resident Evil 8 Village Tall Vampire Lady Resident Evil Village PC System Requirements
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The internet has fallen in love with a new video game character simply known as the “Tall Vampire Lady”. Ever since Capcom’s Resident Evil showcase announcement last week where they debuted the lady’s extreme height, forums and social media have been blowing up with memes and fan theories.


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While fans know virtually nothing about the tall vampire lady at the moment, this has not stopped them from imagining her awesomeness. To put her height into perspective, in the latest teaser trailer the character is seen crawling under a door frame in order to get through the door. She then stands way above two other average-sized witches. However, It is not the first time we have met the tall vampire lady either. In the original reveal trailer, we got a glimpse at her but the camera angle did not do her height any justice.

Resident Evil 8 Village Tall Vampire Lady

The internet is now drooling over Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady in more ways than one. The memes show not only some true love for her height but also her posture which many are now obsessed with. The few frames of her have stirred more than interest so to say. Again, we don’t know who she is or what her name is but we do know this – she is no doubt a baddie in the upcoming horror game and players cannot wait to see more of her. Even if it does mean ultimately putting her down.






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