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Respawn is Working on a New Multiplayer FPS According to Job Listing

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the Titanfall and Star Wars Jedi games, is apparently working on a new multiplayer first-person shooter, according to a new job listing. The job description seeking a Game Design Director specifically mentions that they’re required to have “significant professional experience designing Multiplayer FPS” games.

As reported by Exputer, a job ad appeared on LinkedIn from Respawn Entertainment seeking a Game Design Director who has experience in creating multiplayer FPS games. Naturally, the hopeful fans believe that this might be a new Titanfall game but there’s also the possibility that it could be linked to Star Wars or an entirely new IP. The job listing description doesn’t give us much to go on, though it’s enough for speculation to run rampant.

A report from Jeff Grubb from back in March 2024 revealed that EA Games is looking into rebuilding the Titanfall series, speculating that a new game in development at Respawn might actually be Ttianfall 3 after all. However, given the game’s small team of developers, it might be a more low-key project than a brand new AAA Titanfall game. Grubb stated:

“This game, as it stands today, as far as I understand, is a ‘Titanfall game’, it’s in the Titanfall universe. But everyone I talk to keeps saying, well it’s not, don’t get in you’re mind that it’s Titanfall 3, like a game with online multiplayer and a single-player campaign. I’m like, well wait, what, then how is, what is this game? I still don’t know.”

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the future of the Titanfall franchise and if we’ll ever see a third game in the series. In our opinion, EA Games might’ve buried the Titanfall games and has since moved on as its attention is clearly laser-focused on the live service Apex Legends – something that Respawn might not be able to entirely break away from right now.

Source: Exputer

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