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Returnal 2.0 Arrives Today With Suspend Feature and Photo Mode

Housemaque is finally adding a new Suspend Cycle feature to Returnal today in the new 2.0 update. Since launch, fans have begged and pleaded for a way to exit their game without losing progress. Now, with Returnal 2.0, you can do just that.

Up to now, Returnal relied on players sitting through each run of the game without shutting down their console or moving to another game. In fact, if you did, Returnal would simply restart the game back at the start meaning you would lose your progress. Sure, there are some things that carry over but it was not ideal (especially in South Africa with loadshedding).

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After players update their Returnal today, they can then use this Suspend Cycle feature. Suspend Cycle will allow players to save a state in the game and close it without losing progress. However, this state only lasts for one save meaning each time you want to close the game you need to use the Suspend Cycle option. This will overwrite your previous suspended state.

Housemarque says that the Returnal Suspend Cycle feature is limited to in-game moments only. You can’t activate it during boss fights, cinematics, first-person areas or intense combat encounters. Again, once you come back to the game, that state is deleted.

Returnal is also getting a photo mode in the new update. Players can now activate the mode during gameplay and snap photos of the areas and enemies. Keep in mind that it too will lock during certain scenes including first-person sequences.

Once you’ve perfected your composition, you can then explore some optional settings like focal distance, aperture, saturation or contrast. You can also set different sources of light to highlight the scene, and choose from a variety of many different filters, effects, frames, coloring options, and much more to help bring that unique flair to your captures.When you’re happy with the result, just hit the Create button on your DualSense wireless controller to take the photo. Using the social features built directly into the PS5 console, you can also share and celebrate your most cherished Returnal moments with social media as well.

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