Returnal: Ascension Brings Free Co-Op To The Game and is Available Now

"Explore Atropos with a friend"

Returnal Ascension Coop Survival Mode
Returnal: Ascension Brings Free Co-Op To The Game and is Available Now

Returnal now officially has co-op. The Ascension update, which is available now for free across the game, adds a load of new content with a co-op and survival mode adding new things to do in this roguelike shooter. Sony says that after players update their game with the Returnal: Ascension patch, they will be able to interact with a Chronosis in order to summon another player into their game.

Developer Housemarque has put these Chronosis, which are giant glowing orbs, at the start of each biome in Returnal. This allows players to invite friends and even join other players for their entire run of that area of the game. Keep in mind that progress is only made for the player who is hosting the session. However, invited players walk away with all XP, Scout Rank increases, Traits and Database unlocks.

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Players can revive other downed teammates in the Returnal: Ascension co-op mode giving them a greater chance of survival. Enemies found in the game have also been rebalanced during co-op to offer a challenging experience regardless of playing with a friend or not.

Of course, the co-op mode isn’t the only new thing available in Returnal. Players can also enjoy the new survival mode that offers an endless challenge for players. Players will progress up a tower as they ranked up, pile on multipliers, defeat enemies and hopefully not die.

If you want to give this free Returnal: Ascension mode a try then all you need to do is update your game to the latest version. This automatically adds the new co-op and survival mode. Watch some gameplay of the modes below.

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Source: PS Blog

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