Returnal Cheat Codes Work With a Keyboard – How to Use Them

"How to cheat in Returnal?"

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Returnal Cheat Codes Work With a Keyboard – How to Use Them

Housemarque seem to have forgotten to disable the developer cheat codes in Returnal. This means that at the time of writing, users can plug a keyboard into their PS5 and enable a load of tweaks that may make the game easier. Yes, Returnal cheat codes work!

These cheat codes work as of Returnal Update 1.0003. However, Housemarque does plan on releasing an update for the game today so if you want to avoid losing the ability to use cheat codes in Returnal then turn off automatic updates. You can do so by heading to the PS5 settings go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Automatic Updates

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Thanks to Reddit for the tip! According to a post, plugging a keyboard into your PS5 unlocks the ability to enter Returnal cheat codes. Here’s how it works.

Returnal Cheat Codes

WARNING – Do not use Teleport to Ship (Shift, Ctrl & 4) after Biome 3, or during Biome 4. (Unless you’ve already beaten the game.) This will result in you teleporting to your ship in Biome 1 without a way to get back to Biome 4. If you have unlocked the object in the ship that lets you move from Biome 1 to 4 then you are good to go.

  • Drop weapons –  Press & Hold Shift, Control, Alt
    • Then press 1 to 0 to drop different weapons from the game at current weapon proficiency. You can spawn any weapon you want. Simply cycle through them.
  • Teleport to Ship – Press & Hold Shift, Control + 4
    • This will respawn you at the ship with current health, money, keys, artefacts, adrenaline level and weapon proficiency. Fabricators also reset so you can purchase items again
  • DO NOT PRESS – Shift + Control + 3 or 7 –
    • Freezes the game


Here’s a video showing off the cheats in action

Source: Reddit


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