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Returnal Director Believes Housemarque Can Always “Do More” for Accessibility

Returnal director Harry Krueger has stated that the game could add more accessibility options to get more players immersed into the world of Returnal.

Though Krueger also noted that the gameplay challenge of Returnal are “inseparable” and that reducing the difficulty too much or making the title too easy would diminish the impact of the narrative.

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Krueger speaking to PS I Love You XOXO replied with the below when asked about his thoughts surrounding Returnal’s  difficulty and its impact on accessibility:

“That’s definitely always going to be an interesting challenge to find that sweet spot.

I think we can always do more and could always add more support for different ways to play the game and different control methods. I think when it comes to the difficulty I think it is a question of what kind of experience you are having with Returnal.”

Krueger went on to speak about how inseparable the gameplay difficulty and the narrative is as Seline (the main character) talks about “dying over and over” which causes her “descent into madness”.

“[For example], the character, Celine, she is talking about dying over and over and how these are insurmountable odds, and she can’t keep going on, and there’s this descent into madness that is happening purely because of the challenges she’s facing, and her challenges are the player’s challenges as well in many ways.

It feels like if you were allowed to just power through a boss without any challenge, or just go from A to B to C through the narrative points, it almost feels like it would create a bit of dissonance.

The game is telling you this is really challenging, and that you’re overcoming these obstacles but you wouldn’t have had to experience that friction. So that’s always a line to walk, but it’s something we’re going to keep in mind.”

Returnal recently won big at the BAFTA Awards and recently introduced co-op for the main campaign which makes the whole experience a little less daunting.

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Source: PS I Love You XOXO

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