Returnal DLC Possibly Teased by Housemarque


Game of the Year 2021 Returnal
Returnal DLC Possibly Teased by Housemarque

Developer Housemarque recently uploaded a mysterious image this weekend, hinting at the possibility of Returnal DLC. While it’s not entirely confirmed, the tweet came with the hashtag #Returnal and a strange caption “Atropos?”, which has led fans to speculate that we could see new content coming to the game.

Housemarque, who were officially acquired by PlayStation this year, released Returnal to glowing reviews. The challenging roguelike introduced mainstream audiences to the fast-paced and brutal sub-genre, and it earned plenty of critical acclaim upon release. Now, months later, it looks like fans are still getting new content from the game in the form of DLC.

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Returnal narrative designer Eevi Korhonen retweeted Housemarque’s cryptic teaser, stating that they filmed something “really amazing” and couldn’t wait to share more information soon.

The image in question doesn’t resemble anything seen in Returnal‘s base game, which fans believe could actually be new content for the game in the form of DLC. It’s been several months since Returnal‘s release, and now seems like the prime opportunity to drop DLC given Housemarque’s silence since the game’s launch.

In our full review for Returnal, we called the game a “roguelike at its finest”, praising its frantic gameplay and excellent game design:

Returnal is a good game. It feels so great to play and the more I played it, the better it got. I want to say that it has an epic end-game but it doesn’t. There is a daily challenge but that is about it. However, the pure fun that comes from the gameplay makes it something you’ll want to jump into just to collect those weapon traits or complete the research on your enemies long after you complete the game. Returnal went from a tough horror game to a brilliant arcade roguelike bullet-hell shooter. Very few games can evolve this way. Returnal is roguelike at its finest and one of the best reasons to own a PS5.”

Returnal is currently available exclusively for PS5.

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Source: Housemarque Twitter

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