Returnal is Coming to PC According to Steam Listing

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Game of the Year 2021 Returnal
Returnal is Coming to PC According to Steam Listing

The PS5 rogue-like shooter Returnal has been spotted on a new Steam database listing, suggesting that the Housemarque game might arrive on PC soon. Returnal‘s PC port was also a part of the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now database leak, which has been very accurate so far.

SteamDB logged a new product today with the codename ‘Oregon’. The title is listed with tags such as “bullet-hell”, “rogue-like” and sci-fi”, but the greatest bit of evidence that this is Returnal¬† comes from the mentions of the Tower of Sisyphus and Atropos.

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As mentioned before, Returnal‘s PC port was part of the massive Nvidia GeForce Now database leak last year. Though Nvidia dismissed the leaked list as simply being placeholders and speculative titles, everything from Crysis 4 to Kingdom Hearts IV have all been confirmed as they were previously listed on the leak too.

The list also mentions several other PlayStation exclusives that have yet to make their way onto PC, including Ghost of Tsushima, Demon’s Souls, Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. Given the accuracy of this leak, these will likely all be announced in the coming months. Unfortunately there’s no mention of Bloodborne or Persona 5, which is sad.

Housemarque released Returnal last April to glowing reviews. Touted as the studio’s largest and most ambitious project yet, Returnal marked a leap from the developer’s previous 2D arcade shooters like Resogun. PlayStation acquired Housemarque soon after Returnal‘s release and it’s rumoured that the Finnish studio is currently developing a new project under Sony’s banner.

In related news, Sony recently announced the development of TV shows based on God of War, Horizon and Gran Turismo. PlayStation also corrected a technical error on the new PlayStation Plus in Asia, no longer taking off excess payments from players who bought subscriptions at a discounted price.

Returnal is currently available for PS5.

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Source: SteamDB

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