Returnal Patch 1.3.3 Taken Down After Users Suffer CE-100028-1 Save Data Issues
"You may have to redownload Returnal"
Returnal PS5 Exclusive Housemarque Sony PlayStation How to Access Act 3 in Returnal Save option Returnal Cheat Codes Returnal patch 1.3.3
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Shortly after releasing the Returnal patch 1.3.3 last night, Housemarque was forced to pull the update offline and revert the game to the previous version 1.3.1. Users began reporting massive save data issues in the latest update as a pop-up appeared on their PS5 during gameplay. The pop-up pushed out an error CE-100028-1 in a save data menu. A menu users don’t have access to due to how Returnal handles saving.

Unfortunately, it is grim news for those who downloaded the patch as many users who suffered the CE-100028-1 error had to redownload the entire game. Housemarque did release a tweet claiming to be aware of the issue. The developer says they are currently working on a new patch that should be deployed very soon.


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According to Housemarque, if you have suffered the Returnal error CE-100028-1 since patch 1.3.3 then you should delete the game and redownload it just to be safe. This Returnal error CE-100028-1 apparently pops up every now and then while playing the game. Some users report that it has been appearing every twenty seconds.

In other news, users recently discovered that Returnal actually has cheat codes that work in the game. By plugging a keyboard into your PS5, you can gain access to a handful of developer cheats that could make the game easier for you. It is unclear whether or not the latest update 1.3.3 removes this feature.

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