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Reviewers Say Dying Light 2 is Buggy as Hell

The Dying Light 2: Stay Human review embargo dropped yesterday and scores have been mixed online by critics and YouTube creators. While many of them praise the game’s open-world exploration and one-of-a-kind zombie smasher gameplay, everyone so far has taken issue with the sheer number of bugs in the game.

Review scores for Dying Light 2 range between the 90s all the way down to 40%. Many of them say that Dying Light 2 is pretty much the same thing but prettier, buggier and at times feels uninspired.

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I can’t provide any sort of feedback on these claims as we haven’t been sampled a review code for the game. I did, however, pick up a pretty cool Collector’s Edition for you to check out here. We filmed it in HDR and showed off the awesome UV glow that is painted on the Volatile statue. Watch it below.

You can also check out a handful of reviews below too. I have included a mix of extremely positive and negative ones so you can decide for yourself if the game is worth picking up. Techland says that the developer is issuing a day-one update for the game to fix “thousands of bugs” but the whole situation smells like a Cyberpunk 2077 problem all over again. 

VGC – 60/100

Dying Light 2: Stay Human feels like it lost its direction somewhere along the way. It begins as an interesting zombie game wherein the threat feels tangible, your character feels weak, and the world feels primed for a dynamic story. However, the further you get into the game, a lot of its early ideas feel sidelined for a generic zombie plot, uninspiring combat, and the absence of any kind of danger. – Read the full review here. 

TheSixAxis – 70/100

Dying Light 2 expands and refines a formula Techland has been peddling since its breakout success with Dead Island. This sequel learns a lot from modern open world video games, its massive, zombie-infested sandbox rarely feeling empty, especially as you breeze through city blocks with a Mirror’s Edge-like finesse. However, Dying Light 2 inherits the same problems – a dull story, tiresome combat, and character progression that’s a tad too sluggish. –  Read the full review here. 

Video Gamer – 70/100

Indeed, if, like me, you have a weakness for the zombie-hued, and for the sway and flail of first-person platforming, then Dying Light 2 is easy to recommend. – Read the full review here

Well-Played – 75/100

To say Dying Light 2 is a mixed bag isn’t a fair assessment, but that’s how I felt at times. The parkour mechanics, the day/night cycle, fighting off waves of infected, and the immersive nature of the world are all top-notch and it can be such a fun game to play. The gameplay does so much heavy lifting but that can only carry it so far, especially without co-op which is a game-changer. Unfortunately the weak story, frustrating design choices, awful boss fight and performance issues collectively took their toll on the experience. I’d certainly recommend fans of the first play it, but it does fall short of expectations. – Read the full review here. 

Twinfinite – 80/100

Overall, though, I enjoyed my time with Dying Light 2 and found it an entertaining open-world experience that I want to keep playing beyond the 30 or so hours I put into the main storyline. Techland has plans to support Dying Light 2 with five years of post-launch DLC, which is a pledge I’m certain it will deliver given its resume with the original. My hope, then, is that its future content doubles down on the intrigue of the new choice/consequence branching dialog but delivers better and more varied questing to make the unfolding of these stories more engaging. – Read the full review here 

DualShockers – 90/100

There’s no doubt about it, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a sequel of epic proportions. Everything fans loved about the original title is still very much present, but now with a bigger story, new features, and a vast open world filled with areas to explore and loot. – Read the full review here

Dying Light 2 is out tomorrow, 4 February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.

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