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Rick and Morty “Never Ricking Morty” – 5 Things You Will Love About The New Episode

The second half of Rick and Morty Season 4 premiers next week. South Africans can watch the brand-new episodes titled “Never Ricking Morty” on Showmax from 4 May. In other words, SA fans of the show won’t miss out on the new episodes and have to wait weeks to watch them. I got to watch the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2. It was not only one of the most confusing episodes I have seen, but there’s so much fandom that everyone will love it.

Without spoiling the experience, I noted five things you will love about Never Ricking Morty. 

1. There are New and Old Characters

Never Ricking Morty touches on a lot of the past and present from the show. In addition, the episode has a handful of returning characters to keep your eyes open for. Without spoiling anything, some characters which I thought were gone, popped up again with some extra backstory to follow. These characters arrive in some great new light while at times also expanding on where we left them.

2. You Need to Focus Now More Than Ever

The latest episode is very confusing. Rick and Morty have been known for delivering layered plot themes and story twists at every turn. Never Ricking Morty is no different. I glanced down at my phone for 20 seconds to read a text, looked up and had no idea what was going on. In other words, pay attention throughout the episode. My next point will explain why.

Rick and Morty Never Ricking Morty

3. It is an Anthology Episode

Every season of Rick and Morty includes at least one anthology episode. meaning the episode contains the main plot while at the same time touching on shorter, unrelated side stories at the same time. Never Ricking Morty approaches this idea very differently and sees the duo experiencing and often creating these stories for the viewer to witness.

It is a lot to take in. As a result, your attention needs to be on the action at all times. It also helps that the two are onboard a “story train” in the episode that explores different realities and the idea of canon. There was so much going on and so many side ideas being thrown at me that I just wished I could explore it all.

It all reminded me of the episode from season 1 Rixty Minutes where Rick introduces the family to Interdimensional Cable. The sheer amount of side content is overwhelming but so brilliant at the same time.

Rick and Morty Never Ricking Morty

4. It is a meta as ever

One major theme of the Never Ricking Morty episode is how self-aware the characters are about themselves. There are many parts in the episode where both Rick and Morty force themselves to be meta and tie these moments into the story. It often left me wondering why they would go to such lengths but then again, it is Rick and Morty we are talking about.

5. Rick Makes The Ride So Much More Enjoyable

One thing I could take away from the episode was Rick and his damn shinanigans. Everything is on point with the burping scientist from the disguises to the technology and even the jokes. I knew I was in for a ride when within the first two minutes, Rick is taking a pill to grow a third ass cheek so he can fart in harmony. Rick makes sure to deliver enough action and confusing one-liners that the episode never has a dull moment.

Be sure to tune in to Rick and Morty Season 4 part 2 starting 4 May 2020 on Showmax


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