Rick and Morty Spinoff ‘The Vindicators’ Announced by Adult Swim
"Rick and Morty Season 5 premiers in June"
Rick and Morty The Vindicators
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Adult Swim is set to release a series of The Vindicators digital shorts as part of its new Rick and Morty spinoff episodes. This is great news for fans who enjoyed the short but sweet appearance of the mock-Avengers group of superheroes in Rick and Morty.

The Vindicators shorts are based on fan-favourite characters including Supernova, Vance Maximus, Alan Rails, Crocubot and Noob Noob. The series will simply be titled “The Vindicators“.


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While details are scarce at the time regarding The Vindicators spinoff, the show is most likely set before the debut of the group of superheroes in Rick and Morty. The group first appeared in the episode “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” in which they were all brutally decimated in some way or another. This was thanks to Rick’s deathtraps he made and set up while he was drunk.

The only superheroes left at the end of the episode was Supernova and Noob Noob. Perhaps the spinoff series will focus on those two alone while introducing new heroes? We will just have to wait and see.

The fifth season of Rick and Morty is set to debut next month on Showmax. Subscribers can look forward to the show kicking off on 21 June express from the US. Catch up on the Rick and Morty Season 5 trailer down below:

Source: Showmax






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