Rise of the Ronin PS5 Exclusive Team Ninja Details Leak Q1 2024 Release

Rise of the Ronin is Getting New Missions and Features

Developer Team Ninja has announced that it will be adding new missions and features to its latest open world action-RPG, Rise of the Ronin. This includes new Ally Missions, dojo training partners, expanded weapon styles and more. The update will be available this week on PS5.

Rise of the Ronin is looking to expand the content on offer in the game with some new missions and features. Five new Ally Missions will be added to the game in the upcoming update along with dojo training partners to hone your combat skills. Some changes are also happening with romance, specifically when you break up with a character, greetings with that character will revert back to normal over time.

Have a look at the list of changes, new missions and revisions coming to Rise of the Ronin this week:

New and expanded content

  • 5 new Ally Missions added.
  • When replaying a world in Midnight, you can choose to have Public Order deteriorate again.
  • Level sync selection feature added to missions from Testament of the Soul.
  • Two new Set Bonuses added to Midnight difficulty.
  • Addition of dojo training partners.
  • Add Martial Skill type bonus and raise limit of target score.

Gameplay Improvements

  • When equipped with the same weapon type on weapons 1 and 2, the number of styles can be expanded to a maximum of 6.
  • Changed the specifications so that special equipment will be given even if the player does not confess.
  • Changed the specifications so that greetings with characters after a breakup will return to normal over time.
  • Adjusted to make it easier for asynchronous characters to be selected.

Publisher Koei Tecmo previously revealed that sales for Rise of the Ronin weren’t as strong as it had hoped. This was due to a number of factors including being limited to players as a PS5 exclusive as well as directly competing with another massive RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2, which launched on the same day.

Rise of the Ronin is available on PS5. Make sure you read our review in case you missed it.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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