Robert Downey Jr Speaks to Animals in The New Dolittle Trailer
Dolittle Robert Downey Jr
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Robert Downey Jr. known for his roles in various films like Sherlock Holmes and of course, Iron Man will be playing one of literature’s most enduring characters in a reimagining of the classic tale of a man who could talk to animals, Dolittle.

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The upcoming Dolittle film is not to be confused with the Eddie Murphy ones from the early 2000s rather, Dr. John Dolittle is a famed doctor and veterinarian of Queen Victoria’s England. Dr Dolittle, being a hermit locks himself away behind the great walls of Dolittle Manor before being forced to sail off on an epic adventure to find a cure for the Young Queen’s sudden illness.

On his journey, he meets and travels alongside some wild animal characters including a gorilla played by Rami Malek, a smart duck played by Octavia Spencer, a cynical ostrich played by Kumail Nanjiani, an upbeat polar bear played by John Cena and a headstrong parrot played by Emma Thompson.

The film also stars Hollywood actors and actresses to the likes of Antonio Bandera, Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Frances de la Tour, Salena Gomes, Tom Holland and much more. The fil is directed by Syriana, and Traffic director Stephen Gaghan.

The first trailer for Dolittle gives us a taste of what is to come when the film releases in February 2020 and gives us a sneak peek at Robert Downey Jr’s role as Dr Dolittle and some of the moments will we bare witness to in the film. After being the face of Avengers for so many years, it is strange to see the actor playing another role but given his past movies, we cannot wait to see how this one turns out.

Check out the first trailer for Dolittle down below.

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