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Roblox Removes Famous “Oof” Sound Due to Licensing Issue

Roblox might not be a game you play but the title is extremely popular amongst the younger gamer crowd. So much so that a lot of the game’s music and sound effects have also become a staple across YouTube and TikTok. One of these sound effects is the famous “oof” noise that plays whenever someone dies in the game. Sadly, Roblox has been forced to remove the sound from the game due to a licensing issue.

The official Roblox Twitter account shared a statement in which it notified fans about the recent removal of the noise. According to the Tweet, the sound is gone for good and it doesn’t seem to be returning anytime soon. The account claims that a whole range of both new and old sounds will be available in the Avatar Shop in the future which gives us an idea that the sounds which were removed due to this alleged “licensing issue” won’t be making a return.

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While Roblox didn’t share exact details on the sound effect and why it was removed, I did some digging. It seems the “Oof” sound was originally created by Tommy Tallarico. Tommy is currently the CCO of Intellivision. He also created the sound back in 2000 for a game called Messiah. However, in 2019 he contacted the Roblox team after similarities of the sound he made were spotted in Roblox.

Tallarico didn’t sue Roblox or anything but he agreed to sell the sound in the Avatar Store for $1. In which both the developers of the game and Tommy himself would earn a split from the sales. It seems that since the agreement Tallarico has decided to no longer sell the sound so it has been removed from the game. Roblox did state that the upcoming roadmap for the game includes a new feature of letting players add their own Avatar sounds to their characters. These sounds can be purchased directly from creators. Perhaps the Oof sound will make a comeback then?

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