Instead of making Rocket Arena free-to-play as it should have been in the first place, EA Game has instead dropped the price of the game by 75%. If you don’t know, Rocket Arena is suffering from some major issues with lower player numbers. Last week, after just ten days on the market, its Steam numbers dropped to an all-time low of under 100 players. It is a shame because the game, while flawed, is great.

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Thankfully, the arrival of the first seasonal content has helped draw players back into the fold. Last night, player numbers spiked on Steam but not by much. It hit a peak of 256. However, these morning numbers are close to 100 again. EA Games also gave 3000 Rocket Fuel to active players to say thank you for the support. This also gives us some hint that EA may turn Rocket Arena into a free-to-play game by offering the cost of the game to current players in the form of in-game currency.

Currently, Rocket Arena has not been cheaper. The game is sitting at up to 75% off across platforms meaning you can pick this game up for under R100. The Mythic Edition is just double the price at R150. In the US, the retail version of the game has dropped below $8. It is unclear whether or not the game will see the same retail price drop in SA. Surely this price drop is to try and get more people into the game. Will it work? We will have to see.

– PS4 – R79,73
– Xbox One – R449 (price not updated at the time of writing)
– Steam R449 – (price not updated at the time of writing)
– Origin – R74.99

Yesterday, Final Strike Games released a new character, Flux as well as the first seasonal battle pass for the game. Which, in addition to paying for the game itself, also need to be purchased. Final Strike Games and EA Games have a tough road ahead of them. I discussed how the game’s lack of content and boring skins just don’t give you any reason to keep playing. After a few days of playing the same PvP matches to unlock a green character, it gets old very quickly. It is a sad situation. However, EA should just bite the bullet now and make this free-to-play before everyone forgets about it.

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