Rocket League Going Free-To-Play and Leaving Steam
"Current owners will get a load of DLC for free."

Rocket League is going free-to-play soon and will be departing Steam as the game makes its way to the Epic Games Store. Developer Psyonix announced that in the coming weeks the soccer-car multiplayer game will drop its premium model for a new free-to-play one. In addition, the game will get cross-platform progression so players can take their progress anywhere. This includes cosmetic items, battle pass progression and competitive rank.

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The PC version of the game is changing drastically. Rocket League free-to-play will only be available on the Epic Games Store at launch. The game will be moving away from Steam completely. This means players who own the game can still play it through Steam but anyone new will have to get it elsewhere.

Rocket League will also make its debut on the Epic Games Store when it goes free to play. It will be identical to the version on other platforms and will feature cross-platform play with all Rocket League platforms.

Once Rocket League goes free to play, anyone who already owns it on any platform (including Steam) will be able to play the game with full support for future updates and features. However, the Steam version will no longer be available to download for new players.

Psyonix is also giving away a number of in-game rewards for players who already own the game. This includes all Rocket League-branded DLC released before the game’s free-to-play version comes out. The game has a bucket load of DLC including branded content from WB Games and more. It is unclear whether or not this will be free for current owners. The developer says they will share more information on the transition in the coming weeks.

Just a heads up, if you don’t own the game maybe it is time to get it. If Psyonix is handing out all that DLC for free, perhaps it will be worth the price tag of the game? I remember Rocket League was a PlayStation Plus game at one stage which means if you grabbed it then you already own it. The game also has South African servers so yay for that!

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