Rocket League Lightning McQueen DLC

Rocket League is Adding Lightning McQueen DLC

Rocket League is getting new DLC in the form of Lightning McQueen from the Pixar’s Cars movies. The DLC pack, titled The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle, will be available starting today for all Rocket League players. Best of all? Lightning will be the first vehicle in the game to feature dynamic facial expressions as reactions. Scary or awesome, you decide.

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle DLC allows Rocket League players to play as three different versions of the iconic Pixar car including its trademark red design that most people are quite familiar with already. Scoring goals will even come with its own animated “Ka-Chow!” comic book effect.

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The Rocket League blog post for the Lightning McQueen DLC talks about how it’s the first vehicle to integrate “dynamic expressions” and what variations of the Route 66 vehicle you’ll be able to play as, stating:

“Ahhhh, breathe in that new preset smell—this is the Lightning McQueen Car you’ve always wanted. The Lightning McQueen Car is the very first in Rocket League to feature dynamic expressions! Lightning will look around the pitch while you cruise the Arena, then narrow his eyes in focus as you approach supersonic speeds. With the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle, you’ll be able to play as three different versions of the Route 66 icon. First up is the classic Rust-eze Decal. With number 95 on the side and a flashy lightning bolt, you’ll be taking the winner’s podium with plenty of style to spare.”

Here’s what you get when you purchase the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle (costs 2500 Credits):

  • Lightning McQueen Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Rust-eze Decal
  • Dinoco Decal
  • Cruisin’ Decal
  • Lightyear Racing Wheels
  • Lightyear Dinoco Wheels
  • Lightyear Whitewall Wheels
  • Ka-chow Goal Explosion
  • Lightning McQueen Player Banner
  • “Life Is A Highway” Player Anthem by Rascal Flatts

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