Rockstar Announces GTA Online DLC With Franklin and Dr Dre

"Out 15 December"

GTA Online the contract
Rockstar Announces GTA Online DLC With Franklin and Dr Dre

Sadly, this is not the GTA V single-player story DLC post you are looking for. Instead, Rockstar is milking its GTA Online mode with another DLC pack and this time it pays tribute to main character Franklin as well as an appearance from Dr Dre. The GTA V DLC called GTA Online: The Contract is set several years after the main game’s campaign.

The now-rich Franklin is running a celebrity solutions agency and wants Dr Dre to sign under his name. Unfortunately, Dr Dre is currently facing his own drama in the form of a lost cellphone. While the cost of the phone isn’t a problem to the celebrity, the phone does contain recordings for some of his new songs on a new album he is working on. Franklin now gets roped into tracking it down in order to impress Dr Dre and hopefully get him signed.

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You might remember a while back that Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg teased that both were working on new music for a GTA game. That teaser wasn’t for GTA 6 after all. In fact, the music, which are actually brand new songs created by Dr Dre, is for GTA Online. The music is real and you can listen to it on your favourite music app today. Or you can just wait for the DLC to arrive in GTA Online. 

Rockstar says that GTA Online: The Contract will include new missions, a new radio station that play Dr Dre’s new music, new weapons, vehicles and new agency work. The Contract DLC launches on 15 December for all platforms that can play GTA Online. Check out the trailer below:

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