Rockstar Buys Crackdown 2 Developer Ruffian Games

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Rockstar Buys Crackdown 2 Developer Ruffian Games

Rockstar has acquired Ruffian Games and rebranded the studio to Rockstar Dundee. The buyout comes as no surprise since Ruffian Games has been working with the studio since last year helping with in-development games. In addition, Ruffian Games was already home to developers who previously worked on Rockstar Games titles including Manhunt and the Grand Theft Auto series.


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Rockstar now has ten studios including London, Dundee, Leeds, North, Toronto, New England, India, San Diego, Lincoln, and New York. Ruffian Games worked on games such as Crackdown 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Last year, the studio announced their partnership with the GTA V developer for some “unspecified titles”. The developer opened up new job listings for unannounced games.

The question now is what comes next? We don’t know what Rockstar Games is currently working on. Previous reports claim GTA VI is currently in development and set to launch sometime before 2023. However, there’s been no real evidence the game exists up to this point. With GTA V Online releasing on PS5 later this year, gamers are losing hope that the studio is indeed working on a whole new game. Many also believe the Ruffian buyout means a possible Red Dead Redemption remake is on the cards.

We are going to have to see how the studio uses its new manpower and what they are working on.

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