Rockstar Games Hiring for Next-Gen, Open-World Games

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Rockstar Games Hiring for Next-Gen, Open-World Games

Last week, Red Dead Redemption 2 finally launched on PC and now, fans of Rockstar Games are probably wondering what the developer is working on next. Could it be GTA 6, Bully 2 or a completely new IP? We know that next-gen consoles are launching at the end of next year and now, we also know that Rockstar Games is hiring for next-gen open-world games.

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As spotted by PSU, Rockstar Games is hiring for next-gen, open-world games. In a position on the developer’s website for an Animated Systems Programmer, the following description and key details for the position was revealed:

We are looking for an experienced, talented engineer to help us in developing advanced animation systems for large open-world character-based games. We are a global team of programmers and researchers who collaborate on pushing the boundaries of character animation on next-generation hardware.

Earlier this year, it looked like Rockstar Games started teasing Bully 2 in GTA Online. However, over three months have passed and there’s still no official announcement. One interesting thing to note about the job description above is that the developer says “large open-world character-based games”, with “games” being the key point of interest here.

It is, of course, not impossible that the developer already has plans for both Bully 2, GTA 6 and more. At the time of writing, however, no official announcement has been made. We will keep you updated if any leaks or announcements occur, but don’t hold your breath for a reveal in 2019.

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What do you want the next game from Rockstar Games to be? Are you hoping for GTA 6, Bully 2 or something completely different? Let us know in the comment section below.

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