Rockstar Games GTA 6 Leak Statement

Rockstar Officially Responds to GTA 6 Leak

Rockstar Games has officially responded to the recent massive leak of GTA 6, which saw dozens of gameplay videos and information leaked onto the internet after a security breach. Through this statement, Rockstar has also acknowledged that the leak did happen but assured players that it wouldn’t impact the quality of the game when it arrives.

The statement provided by Rockstar Games has revealed that a third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from the company’s systems, including sensitive information, gameplay prototypes and images related to Grand Theft Auto 6. The leak seemingly confirmed that the game’s location will return to Vice City and feature a number of changes and additions to gameplay.

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The full statement released by the Rockstar Games Team is as follows:

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Leak Statement

Among the leaked clips for GTA 6, some of them included first looks at the game’s world, gameplay revolving around burglaries, heists and shootouts, and features that are currently being implemented into the game including police responding more naturally to crimes and activities. For example, if you have a wanted level and make a run for it, cops will note that you tried to steal another vehicle, making it more difficult to pull off a successful escape.

Another clip shows the ability for the protagonist to look and aim backwards in a car, which will make shooting out of the rearview window easier. You can read more about the leaked contents here, however, please note that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are currently striking all videos and images related to the leak so it might not be available.

We will continue to cover the story as it progresses, including the actions Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive will take to possibly apprehend the third party responsible for the GTA 6 leak.

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