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Rocksteady Co-Founders Establish New London Studio

Rocksteady co-founders Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker have established a new studio in London after leaving the company in 2022. While the new studio has yet to be officially announced, the duo were listed as directors of a London-based company called Hundred Star Games on the business information site Endole. Judging by the description of the company, it will assemble around “100 industry veterans and emerging talents” to create “cutting-edge gaming experiences.”

First spotted by Polygon, an update on Endole revealed that Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker were now the directors of Hundred Star Games in London. The veterans overlooked the development of several notable Rocksteady titles since its inception in 2004 including Urban Chaos: Riot Response and the Batman Arkham trilogy, which Hill directed.


A description of Hundred Star Games appeared on the Great Places to Work website too, stating:

“Hundred Star Games is a video game start-up based in East London. Our ethos is of creating a small team of only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents, who are committed to crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences that inspire and captivate players worldwide. With innovation at our core, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing diversity, and fostering a vibrant gaming community. Our empowering company culture is unique to the industry which encourages leadership at all levels, accountability, team support, vulnerability, and connection.”

An official website for the company is live, currently recruiting new talent. Recently updated LinkedIn profiles reveal that the studio has already hired several former Rocksteady employees and lead developers.

As for Rocksteady, the studio is hard at work on the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Hill is listed as one of its directors alongside Axel Rydby, though it’s unclear how much of his work was completed before parting ways with the company he founded.

Source: Polygon

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